Beth Grace interviews ana wares about debut EP – Saturn Return

Beth Grace sits down with ana wares on Thursday at 6pm on #likethat to discuss her debut EP.

ana wares’ debut release “Saturn Return EP” is a mix of influences from a multitude of genres spanning classical to blues and dance, and can best be described as ‘Techno Electronica’. Floaty and dreamlike soundscapes, ana wares urges the listener to “tune in & tune out”.

Eye to Eye to Eye was partly inspired by a conversation with a friend. It means to stand confidently and express oneself without pandering; to look inwards at your higher truth without shame. Beginning with a simple bell & chime riff the spectrum of sound is filled with a rainbow of aftertones, creating a sound bath of harmonics. That hook line features throughout the piece, dainty and elegant atop a deep droning bass and oscillating piano chord pattern. Perfect for a sunny day.

Saturn Return”, written at the time of the artist’s own Saturn Return builds gradually, new layers of percussion entering almost every 8 bars until it’s almost overflowing, somewhat reminiscent of the chaotic mess of thoughts of higher purpose and direction that arise during this astrological milestone. A district rhythmic theme repeats through the various tuned percussion instruments and drives the story from beginning, to climax and release. A sentimental soundtrack to those rainy days you just want to stay rugged up inside.

ana wares 

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