Introducing a concept artist, who over the course of his career so far has seen him take a stronghold in the TechDance universe and also with earlier productions, stemming from HardHouse & HardTrance leaves a broad knowledge of musical influence.

With support from artists such as Yoji, Luca Anatolli, Kutski, Nish, Proteus, Aly & Fila, Vinylgroover, NI21, Remo-Con through label apperances on Traffic Records, Tech Fu Recordings, AID Analouge Is Dead, Stereodays, Kung Fu Wax and Tuna Tech nothing is left to the imagination.
His tracks have been profiled on HARD DANCE ANTHEMS 2013/2014/2016 and he has reached TID’ Top10 Charts.

After lying quiet for a while his appreciation for drum and bass has grown, leading him to focus more on this and creating a new sound and making a new stamp on the drum and bass scene.

Andy Scott – Metanoia (Tech Fu Recordings TunaTech)   

Proteus “Tech Fu is simply one of best record labels at the moment!! Bloody amazing!!!

Luca Antolini “support”

Re-Born “nice sound ;)”

Argy “quite like this, nice 1 guys”

Remo-Con “nice tuna :)”

Neal Thomas “Nice! Will play in Ibiza this week (“,)”

Nish “I like it!!”

Dave Curtis “very filthy bassline going on here!”

Ash Preston “cracking track ill be playing this in ibiza at atomik !”

Allya “A subtle and beautiful piano melody, building ever so softly with a few wobbles…before busting into an all-out hard-tech monstrosity. This one will be madness on the dancefloor!”


Andy Scott – Evol You (AID Analouge Is Dead)

Andy Scott – Rise (Traffic Records)

Tom Hayward. at 2:29:

words cant describe how much i love this. top work

Posted 5 years ago

Andy Scott – Stop & Listen *Featured In Yoji Biomehanika’s TID Top 10 July ’12*


WOOOOOOW!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!! 10/10


Andy Scott & Lil Rich – Stop & Listen (Original Mix) is the one for me! shit hot stuff 😀 Full support! 😀

David Rust

Pick of the bunch for me personally is Stop and Listen love the kick/bass way heavy! Thanks guys




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