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29feb01marPressing Buttons: MonaPressing Buttons Presents


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*** All profits from ticket sales will be donated to a newly formed mental health mentor/mentee initiative in our local community, A Path To Follow ***

Monachopsis (mon-a-cop-sis) – the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

Pressing Buttons introduces our second instalment, Mona. Each event, Pressing Buttons plan on capturing and describing an emotion that one feels in their everyday life, in the hope of conveying to people that they are not alone.

To us, monachopsis is the underlying feeling of unease caused by not belonging; you are hearing a song but can’t feel its meaning, you are on foreign land but can’t find the little signs of home or you are surrounded by people but can’t seem to connect. We believe many in the music industry, and youth alike, can relate to this emotion, a feeling that is often caused and exacerbated by societal expectations and norms. We, at Pressing Buttons, want people to know that speaking about these feelings to close friends, family and health professionals has enormous benefits.

Unbeknownst to some, monachopsis causes many to seek comfort in music; their safe haven, their escape. Music can often express emotions more clearly than words and this is why the sets played on the night will focus on conveying monachopsis. In the hope of curating an environment where people can find belonging in a collective safe place, through both music and dance.

Taking you through this journey are:
Adrian Bell (Bunker)
Ben Edwards (Insatiable, Pressing Buttons)
Brayden Warburton & Tom Szabo (fütwerk., Equinox Events/affinity)
Henry Moir & Lachlan Ewers (Abnormal Apparent)
Ryan Diep (Dj PO, Pressing Buttons)

We hope to create a space in which people can fully immerse themselves in the music and lighting arrangements to thoroughly enjoy themselves, dancing care-free. It is therefore of utmost importance to us that everyone on our dance floor is both welcoming and respectful of others. That means we respect others and their dancing and understand that unwanted physical and verbal discrimination against another attendee in relation to their sexuality, race, religion, ability or appearance will not be tolerated.

Early release tickets sold out, first release available now! Let’s start more conversations ❤️


February 29 (Saturday) 10:00 pm - March 1 (Sunday) 5:00 am


Francis St

28 Francis Street 3000 Melbourne


Pressing Buttonspressingbuttons.melb@gmail.com

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