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Tomchilla prog techno | Guest Mix on the LEKTRONIC Show, plus exclusive track from LEKTRK | Thurs 9am 25th Mar

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Show: The LEKTRONIC Show (monthly)
Episode Number: 2
Broadcasted: 9:00 am
  on 25th March 2021


About this Episode

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The LEKTRONIC Show This Thursday from 9am

Tune in this Thursday at 9am for new prog tech / psytech / melodic prog/techno, with exclusive new track previews from upcoming releases from Tomchilla and LEKTRK (label Millennium Kollektiv), as well as a special guest mix. I’ll be talking to Thomas Williams (AKA Tomchilla) about labels, the Tassie scene, ambitions & his musical journey so far…




Work harder, follow obsessions, cheer for your mates, protect what is different, quietly pursue the extraordinary – these are the guiding principles that underpin and best describe Tomchilla’s approach to music.

Throbbing basslines, laced with delicately composed synths and driving percussion, reflect the contrasts of Tomchilla’s wild, island home of Tasmania. A place gaining notoriety as a cradle for techno producers.

If you are lucky enough to experience one of Tom’s sets live, it is impossible not to feel these influences bleed through the performance.

With releases on Techgnosis, Euphori Bezirk, Phobos, PointZero, Shadow Wulf, Alpaka Muzik, Evil Flow, Mavic Music, Slideways and Hi-Tech and Frisson Records, Tom continues create ripples across the dirt and dance floors of the techno scene.


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