Lost In Time | Ticket LOVE for Kiss Members Only | Mad DAY PARTY this Sunday by FUNF

Current Members or for those willing to become, Funf have some Guest List love for KISS at this Sundays Lost in Time Party.

Email kate_at symbol_kissfm.com.au [robots need not apply]

WHAT: Inner City Sunday Funday MIDDAY TIL MIDNIGHT

WHERE: Railway Hotel, Brunswick

WHEN: Sunday, August 30 [Midday to Midnight]

WHO: Phil K, Mike Callander, Matt Gatt (SYD), Jon Beta, Jennifer Loveless, ODPHONIC DJ, Rhythm & Weight, Handsdown, Liam Waller, Troy Marc & Studious, Matt Waters, Valerio Sinatra, JMCEE, Viktor & Shannon Briggs, Volta, Darius Bassiray.

It’s Sunday, it started rough, but now you’re fresh to death and ready for it… Lost In Time

It’s where everyone moves together; Industry heads, hipsters, south side kids, trannies, business pro’s, actual pro’s, gays,straights, nerds, and teddy bear repair technicians. Brunswick. Hard, tangible proof that the Northside phenomenon is real. And of course you want more of it. But not too much, It’s Sunday after all.

Looking down from the mezzanine onto the crowd bouncing to the steady kick drum, you know you’ve gotta get down there soon. The sunshine breaks through the open air dance floor, everyone’s subtle reaction to it pulls your body closer to the floor. Your crew are spread out all over the venue, and you look around and realise it doesn’t matter. You gave up trying to narrow down the style coming out of the sound system, it makes no difference… All that matters is that it make sense.

Lost In Time. Sunday sessions will never be the same again.

Sunday 30 August – Railway Hotel Brunswick

Open Air & Club

We have booked out 2 levels of accommodation above the party whereby you can play and stay – Yep, that’s right , stay! With a late checkout !

This includes full access all day / night to the party as well as:

– Private rooms with beds
– Private lounge
– Private terrace with city views

UPCOMING: Lost In Time presents Tsuba Records
Sunday 20 September.

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