Natural Selection 28.07.20

Natural Selection

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Soul Fuzion I got Rhythm Dopewax 12.05
King Of Tomorrow Let it go Distance 12.11
Blvd. East ft Kaaye Shout (Planetary Lift) (Planetary Lift) Nest Moov 12.16
Prescription Feel the feeling MG Classics 12.22
Glenn Lewis It's not fair White LAbel 12.25 / 12.32
Critical (if you only knew) Wall of Sound MG Classics 12.38
Byron Stingly Sing a Song (Matty's club show) Nervous 12.42
Joe Smooth Promised Land 12.50
Angie Stone I wasn't Kidding (housejams remix) 12.56
Louie Vega Nu LIfe 13.03
System VIII Underground 13.09
KMFH Work 13.14
Soul Vision Don't Stop 13.20
Bruno Ponsata Anything but you 13.25
Kings of Tomorrow Finally ( the string reprise) 13.40
Swing 52 Color of my skin 13.45
Kim English Nite LIfe 13.51
Dawn Again Unrealesed 07.08.20 13.55