Kiss FM Dance Music Australia Top Ten 7th May 2014

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The Huff & Puff of Wolves by Digitalism hasn’t petered out yet as it blows up again at Number 1. -Timmy Byrne-

  • 1. Digitalism-Wolves-Instrumental-XXX
  • 2. Will Sparks feat. Troi-When The Lights Go Out-Original Mix-Sony/Ultra
  • 3. Jez-No Guestlist-Original Mix-Jump To This
  • 4. Sean Declase feat Jon Company -Little Things-Original Mix-IND
  • 5. Mumbai Science-Déjà Vu-Original Mix-One Love
  • 6. Division 4-Silent Talking-Ben OrSound Mix-Green Mono Music Studio
  • 7. Sutja Gutierrez-El Magico feat. AFFKT-Original Mix-Futures Reserve
  • 8. Grum-Tears-Radio Edit-Xelon
  • 9. Copyright-My Desire-Noir D15 Mix-Defected
  • 10. Jimmy Le Mac-Wiggle-Original Mix-Loophole Recordings

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