Schmuddelkind | GUEST MIX | 3PM FRIDAY 21ST FEBRUARY 2020

Originating from East Germany, Baltic Sea region, Schmuddelkind immersed himself in music and the techno scene from the age of fourteen. He first attended the infamous Melt Festival in 2000 where his passion for that bass line and groove that makes you move was truly ignited. Moving to Berlin in 2006 saw Schmuddelkind dive deep in to the underground and progressive world of techno where he was able to explore and develop his style and sound.

Schmuddelkind has no preferred genre, always providing an intimate selection of tracks varying from down tempo, organic, melodic, tribal, deep house, techno and psy-tech. The extent of Schmuddelkind’s music collection extends right back to the beginning of his exposure to techno. You’ll be sure to hear some classics; mixing timeless tracks together with the newest sound available is a skill that he seamlessly delivers.

Inspired by Perfect Stranger, Eitan Reiter, James Monro, Miss Kitten, DJ Hell, Wolle XDP, Michael Mayer, Guy J, Marus Henriksson, Sebastian Mullaert, Asem Shama, Jossie Telch, Sven Dose, Sportbrigade Sparwasser, Matthew Jonson just to name a few.

Where Schmuddelkind comes from, the importance of music and the cultural significance that it holds represents the revolution of music, sound, art and expression. The respect that he gives his music and the understanding of the overall impact it has on others is a vital aspect to how he finely tunes his sets. Schmuddelkind is sensitive to mood, atmosphere and the overall energy of any dance floor. He shares part of his soul whenever he stands behind the DJ booth and carefully curates each musical journey specifically to the occasion. He endeavours to reconnect with his inner self while connecting with the people he plays to. He openly expresses what he feels and shares his emotions through the music he plays, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Some know him as Schnotti, others know him as Christian and when he plays it is none other than Schmuddelkind. A fine import to welcome to Australian shores, Schmuddelkind welcomes all to join him to get a little bit grubby. Und los!


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