Born in New Zealand, now living in Melbourne, JUVE began producing music early in his adolescent years roughly starting in 2000. Fast forward to the now -opportunities followed collaborating with artists such as Alex Jones, 360, B-Wise, Geneva, Fraksha, Son Of Sam, Diem, Hyjak, SQZ and Kurupt. JUVE’s catalog of music has allowed him to cater to many artists, providing them with production including Trap, Grime and Hip Hop. All familiar genres in JUVE’s beat-producing arsenal. His first project was a trilogy of independent beat tape releases named Alpha I, Alpha II, Alpha III helping him firmly display the sounds he explored during his early years of music production. His most notable work came in the form of a collaboration album with LGEEZ (Alex Jones & Son Of Sam) on a project entitled ‘Cloud 9’. Reaching as high as #4 on the itunes Hip Hop Charts and recognition on the ARIA charts. Alongside music producing, the most exciting aspect of his art form is the live sets he performs.  Captivating audiences with his live MPD & Midi-keyboard ability. His notable support acts slots include Anderson PAKK, The Game, Ghost Face Killah, Thundamentals, Suff Daddy, Amin Payne, LGEEZ, Fraksha, M-Phazes, DJ Perplex, Diem, Rolling Stones Live Lodge and Strawberry Fields.




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