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From a young age always intrigued with when the beat would change, bLikeMe has had music surging through his veins. Before he could count he was able to predict when songs would break from the verse / chorus / bridge etc. Not knowing at the time (pre-kindergarten) what these terms were called, his favorite solo game was, ‘predict the change’. By age 9 keyboard lessons were taken up. By age 11 guitar was on the menu. By age 15 a punk / metal band was formed with a very talented drummer / friend in his local town. Chasing his music dream through the teenage band until the age of 20, when the band members started dissipating. Shortly after the drummer-friend’s older brother acquired some Technique 1200’s and 600 mixer, this would ultimately be the beginning of DJ’ing for bLikeMe. Through DJ’ing came the knowledge of music production – A method of making music by one’s self – A one-man band, if you will.

Over time, eventually this lead to playing in most major clubs in Melbourne, also playing with some of Melbourne’s biggest underground event organisers and eventually holding residencies at some of these iconic Melbourne venues. When not studying, DJ’ing or sleeping bLikeMe was producing music with every spare minute.

In 2015 a few original songs were sent to a Chicago based Record Label and some interest was taken into his original tunes. The Record Label, wanting to release an EP as apposed to a single song, selected two of many songs laying dormant in the bLikeMe original-tunes catalogue. These are songs are yet to be released, but watch out for them around August 2016.

Currently bLikeMe is playing with Dark Beat and occasionally doing the odd guest slot at Mothers Milk (Chapel St) and producing in his home studio, as he has done for many years.

Keep your eye on this guy, his ultra adaptive music sense and experience tells us that we will be hearing a lot more from this one-man band known as, bLikeMe.

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