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ERIC STARK (Beat Repeat Street Rave) | GUEST MIX | 6PM THURSDAY 25TH MARCH 2021

Eric Stark touched down in Australia 5 years ago, bringing with him a decade worth of european electronic music and industry knowledge. Making the move from France to London in 2009, he made waves in the city that shaped rave culture in the Northern Hemisphere. Performing sets at electronic music institutions including Fabric, The EGG, Mode and The Qube Project he was also booked to perform at Glastonbury and Kazantip two festivals that pull some of the biggest acts globally.

Since his arrival to Melbourne, Eric has contributed constantly to our music industry by not only by being booked for shows with Thick As Thieves and Novel (amongst many others) and producing his own music, but by working behind the scenes with major Melbourne event production companies to support the delivery of international artists and events to our scene.

Dancefloor focused, Eric Stark feeds off the crowd and assures to deliver what they want whilst taking them on his own artistic journey. You’ll find home on the dancefloor for this set! ___ Welcome to the Beat Repeat family Eric!




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