Where back! And this week we have ELLA SAURUS dropping by the studio to have a chat about her recently released fashion label, PSYKLZ ClubSport, and her involvement in the creation of two of Melbourne’s most forward thinking events, Pleasure Planet and BEAÚT Club.


Growing up in a small coastal town south east of Melbourne, Ella had a passion for creating from a young age. Her mum taught her how to sew; the earliest memory being of the green three eyed frog toy she hand stitched together (badly) made from found fabrics. From 3-eyed stuffed frogs she naturally went on to attend RMIT University to study Fashion Design, graduating in 2013 she had the honor of opening with RMIT Student Runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that year.

Her love for protecting and nurturing her environment was always encouraged by her parents, whom now live on a fully self sustainable property where she grew up. At age 16, protesting became a regular weekend activity, consistently trying to stop the construction of a Desalination Plant on one of the most incredible coast lines in the world.

Being lucky enough to have worked for Australian fashion labels such as Ksubi, Claude Maus and Di$count Universe she gained invaluable experience and inspiration but most of all an insight into what her values truly were. The industry norm of producing overseas and using new/bought fabrics that in turn harm people in developing countries and pollute the earth was not appealing in the slightest, especially considering her up bringing.

Last year Ella spent eleven solo months living in the Dandenong Ranges and it was amongst the trees where the idea for her label was first spawned. Born with a serious knack for Op Shop scavenging and collecting old clothes, it wasn’t until a close friend of hers gave her a bunch of his old t-shirts that she held onto until she discovered the vision for her next project. She made the first fully recycled garment, for what would later be called PSYKLZ Clubsport, in her little cabin in the woods.

The aesthetic inspiration behind her label comes from the past 25 years of dance, rave, club and street culture. Her fascination with the freedom and love experienced in those decades with the rise of electronic music has forever fueled her creations. Spending many of her formative years at psychedelic art and culture festivals, she learnt much about her own self expression through costume, character and music. Ella has also had her own personal experience in the creation of two of Melbourne’s more recent music/culture events being a co-founder of both Pleasure Planet and BEAÚT Club.

PSYKLZ ClubSport is a direct representation of Ella’s journey thus far. Combining her love for fashion, protection of the environment and unihibited self expression, her recycled clothing label aims to create and inspire change within an industry blindsided by monetary gain.

Website- psyklzclubsport.com
Facebook – facebook.com/psyklzclubsport

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