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Dr. Mychelle Whitewood | Interview with Timmy | 4.30pm Today

“Don’t miss TODAY at 4.30pm as Kiss FM’s traditional Chinese medical practitioner Dr Mychelle talks to Timmy at KISSFM about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Remember Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health are open for business & able to help you during this time”


Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health is open for business. Although their float pods may be resting, we can still offer Traditional Chinese Medicine and are here to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help everyone.

Dr Mychelle has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 25 years and moved Utopia Health Care into the High Street premises in November 2017.

She believes in a Holistic approach to wellness and focuses on prevention, building a strong immune system, balancing the body and mind, returning you to health and keeping you resilient.

How can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine works on a mental, physical and emotional level, and can therefore benefit and treat a vast range of different conditions such as

releasing stress and tension from the body, elevating joint pain associated with overuse, injury, poor posture or chronic inflammation such as arthritis. Improving sleep, reducing anxiety, fertility and so much more.  Acupuncture works by stimulating the nerves, blood, lymph, muscles, and tissue of the body to correct imbalances and retrain the body to function optimally.

Dr Mychelle also has available a range of practitioner-only products such as herbal medicines and specialty vitamins to fully target your health concerns and work towards a resolution.


Dr Mychelle is available Tuesday thru to Saturday.

For more information please see our website: &

or call Dr Mychelle 0408 887 566 or 03 8525 0162

They are taking extra precautions considering COVID19 so you can visit them with confidence.

To see their full list of treatments available, click here:

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