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David – Founder – Solar Power Co | Interview | with Timmy Weds 30th June 5pm

Timmy catches up with David Cervelli owner of the Solar Power Co about the company and the future of solar power.

The Solar Power Co started in 2014

• Company mission is around our own personal values: 1. People 2. Planet 3. Profit. In that order. Doing well by doing good.
• The Solar Power Co. is not about wanting to build just another business, but wanting to build a business that helps move the world forward and makes a positive difference in the world.
• Education led. We want people to understand the importance of solar and what makes a good and a bad solar power installation. We often say we don’t care who you buy solar from, as long as you do get solar.
• The Solar Power Co. aims to make going solar, saving money on electricity and doing the right thing for the environment as easy and drama-free as possible.
• The Solar Power Co. invests in educational/advocacy programs for schools to ensure the leaders of tomorrow understand the importance of having a sustainable future (something many current leaders don’t seem to get yet)
• The Solar Power Co. invests in solar community programs to allow more people to get access to green and sustainable energy (and save money)
• We empower Australian families, communities and businesses to give up their electricity bill and do good for the planet. We do this by simplifying solar energy and work with them to source the best market offers from the most trusted solar installers across Australia.
• To change the energy market in Australia by creating a reliable solar company for local communities known for delivering honest and direct guidance. To be Australia’s most recognised brand for delivering trusted solutions that wow customers through first-time, every-time experiences.

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