Richard McCarthy, aka Clevenger is poised to  present his latest full length LP in over two years. The  aural aesthetic of ​“Breaking” is a sublime mix of  heavy bass, layered synths and effected vocals;  leading the listener to something akin to a waking  dream with its familiarity and dissonance.

“‘Breaking’ can be such an ambiguous term. You can  ‘break’ under pressure; you can also ‘break’ away  from negativity in its different forms,” he explains.  “This record, lyrically and musically, was an earnest  attempt to explore this duality. I feel it is a relatible  topic, just because of how broad a meaning it can  convey. Everyone can apply it to themselves in their  own terms.”

He continues. “From a young age I sought solace in  music; my influences were vast I suppose in terms of  genre. Whether it was the hypnotic headspace of  trance, the emotive catchiness of bands like  Radiohead or the gritty realism of hip hop; I would  always find artists that spoke to me with conviction.  That connection made me feel more comfortable in  my life and in myself. Somewhere along the way it  became an inner mantra to try pass that sentiment  and experience on as best as I could. Thus Clevenger  came to be.”

With a musical career spanning genres from punk to  acoustic and over 4 years audio/studio production  studies; it is McCarthy’s technically nuanced  attention to detail that truly propels​ “Breaking”s underlying themes of personal evolution and  evaluation to the fore.

“Life is raw,” he concludes. “It’s visceral yet we all  share common ground; all trying to navigate it and  make sense of this shared experience in a digital age.  This album is electronic based, but there’s a rawness  to the vocals and lyrics to juxtapose that. The live  shows are audio/visual, with live vocals and its that  emphasis on human experience that matters the  most to me.”


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