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Ming was born on the 12th October 1980 in Melbourne and fell in love with Electronic Music @ the tender age of 14.

In the suburb of Prahran (1996), Ming became a 12” vinyl junkie, shopping at DMC records and Octave records.

During 1998 (Last year of Secondary school) Ming completed the DMC DJ Introductory course under the tutelage of Phil K – whom introduced Ming to the sounds of New School Breakbeat and encouraged him to drop tracks with vocals (e.g. Francesco Farfa – Touch).

A record by Frankie Bones scared Ming away from DMC records (which was predominantly a House music specialist) so Ming began shopping at Hardware records and was introduced to the sounds of Techno – “and a new force was born”.

Ming started partying at raves and clubs, and after seeing Jeff Mills 12.12.1998 – life changed (Slacker – Psychout Thing).

At Welcome 2000 (NYE 1999) Ming was christened as the ‘Chosen One’ by CJ Bolland – “You are Techno, You are Techno…”

Production commenced in 2004 after Ming completed his Bachelor of Science degree – purchasing expensive toys from Awave, EBay and Store DJ.  Another accomplishment was studying ‘Entertainment Operations’ at William Angliss (2009) – which led to organizing a few parties with mates…

His highlight gig was at Slide nightclub for Euphony on 04.09.2014 (San Francisco – USA), Ming’s first International gig – you can check it out here:

Back to production in full effect – Ming’s debut release (Melbourne EP was snapped up by Modern Soul Records – Milan, Italy) in January 2015!

With Clan Analogue – Ming has stood the test of time and has been nominated as Treasurer.  He has been featured on two Clan compilation EPs: Analogue Redux and Mobile Strategies!

But unfortunately Ming cannot see the foreseeable future – but would love to perform overseas as a representative – travelling the world globally DJing and playing Live… Let’s hope Ming’s Addiction EP (2021) goes viral…

Ming’s KISS FM Guestmix Tracklist

Friday 20th August 2021

Out of CPU (Ollie Lee’s DSP Upmix) – Ming

I Want a Freak (Original mix) – Trent Cantrelle

Elastic Heart (Wideboys Heart Club remix) – Sia

Flight Pattern – URULU

Laser Lass – Jamie Jones

Superformer (Original mix) – DJOKO / WLAD

Spacedate (Pleasurekraft remix) – Adam Beyer / Green Velvet / Layton

She Said (Original mix) – Twisted Circuit

Painting Shadows (Original mix) – Monoverse

Falling Anywhere (Sunn Jellie remix) – Kyau & Albert

Now You See (Original mix) – Sean Tyas

Seven Days and One Week (Club mix) – BBE




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