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Sully | Guest Performance | HouseWerks Show | Wednesday 8th July

The super talented ‘Sully’ joins HouseWerks host Teon Jay this Wednesday 8th July .

They will be talking all things music and Sully will also perform some of her favorite tracks and current releases.

It’s Gonna’ be a good one

Wednesday 6PM, 8th July, HouseWerks Show

Artist Bio:

Magnetic, synth-driven and seasoned with the brand of festival-ready vibes that you and your crew have only dreamed of, new-kid-on-the-block, Sully serves up RnB, pop-loaded gems ready to send our collective contemporary angst packing.

“I’ve written for so many different projects over the years – from blues/rock to folk and everything in between. But I keep coming back to pop music,” she says.“At the end of the day, I’ve known forever that I’m completely addicted to the complex simplicities of the pop writing process. Now, I get to throw myself head-first into that love”.

Sully’s debut single, I Should Know Better present a top-class sonic palette that’s as addictive as it is intriguing. Rich, honey-soaked vocals hang off the back beat of impressively produced drum machine tracks, with tasteful shots of SB 90’s world-class synthesiser collection peppered throughout each. Every artistic decision is deliciously elegant, and completely on trend, the hallmark of a musician that’s set to make big waves through both local and international festival/showcase scenes.

I Should Know Better is available online and via all major streaming platforms with the official music video dropping June 12th.

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