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“Expression Sessions are where my heart and soul can really be”

BoyBlewe has an luminous energy that is shown through his music & personality

Achievements include 10 years playing some of Australia’s best Festivals, Events and Clubs. Co-ordinating Festivals and Events with some of the industries best.

Coming from a family of musicians BoyBlewe grew up around a vast enjoyable mix of musical influence and expression outlets from his musically genius grandmother who taught him Classical piano, to Rock l & Folk in the bars his family owned & to Techno, that his older sister kept him up all night dancing too.

He’s path began as a DJ 9 years ago, taking on and holding a 7 year residency & coordinating a weekly Sunday night party at one one of Australia’s best underground clubs & Gold Coast’s longest running nightlife venues, Elsewhere Bar. Now influencing & residing in some of Melbourne’s most notorious clubs & events including OneSixOne, Pawn & Co and Poof Doof.

BoyBlewe’s DJ sets are a memorable dance music experience. He is known for his big personality & presence, which he presents perfectly on stage & even more so, the music he selects. BB’s support for the scene & celebrating at parties is synonymous. A down to earth legend doing what he loves most and doing it right, continuing to mark and develop his name on the scene & in his audiences hearts.

Tune in 9AM on Wednesday 7th of Feb to catch BB’s mix, or find a link to his socials below:




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