Tamen [ Subtle Audio | Repertoire | Jungle Jungle ] On Modern Hypnosis // Wednesday

Tamen is a Barcelona based artist recently relocated to Melbourne, who has been bringing his energetic Dj sets to cities such as Auckland, Berlin, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Paris and Romania since 2000. He has shared the stage with artists such as Bladerunner, Ed Solo, Felix K, Flight, Fracture, Hype, Om Unit and Remarc to name but a few. Tamen represents Subtle Audio Recordings as an international DJ, which has been at the forefront of releasing forward thinking, breakbeat driven Drum´n´Bass for the last 10 years. It has co-released an album with Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label and receives regular Dj support from names as diverse as Bailey (Metalheadz), Thom York (Radiohead), Mary Anne Hobbs as well as Aphex Twin himself. As a producer Tamen’s recent collab with Ricky Force was released on vinyl worldwide and quickly sold out on London’s Repertoire label, and has received much love and rewinds internationally from the top djs such as UK’s Digital, Sam Binga, Om Unit, Stretch and Double O among many others. He has previously released on Melting Pot Records and Anticlockwise, and has much more music forthcoming in 2017. He has promoted Jungle / Drum´n´Bass as well as Bass Music since 2005 with Surco & now Jungle Jungle, bringing a multitude of guests such as Fabio, Martyn, Phace, Presha (Samurai Records), Sabre (Ivy Lab), Sam Binga, Scuba and Spirit among many others to Barcelona for the first time. Bringing all this together Tamen’s selectah skills, tight mixing and crowd interaction squeeze in almost all sub-genres into a session of pure Junglistic fiyah!

Modern Hypnosis



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