Mood Music Radio featuring Shir Khan – this friday 1-2pm

Friday 6th of November 1-2pm on KISS FM’s Mood Music Radio Show.

Picture by Lena McMauskewitz


Exploited label founder, internationally renowed DJ, remixer, promoter, radiohost, world-traveller and new talent spotter, Berlin resident Shir Khan is truly a jack-of-all-trades and might be one of the city’s hottest names. Having grown the label since 2007, Exploited has played host to some of the most innovative, cutting-edge electronic talent and has been on a quest for high quality, diverse and forward-thinking releases. In 2012 Shir Khan pushed the career of newcomers like Adana Twins, Doctor Dru, Claptone, Homework, Claptone, Urulu or Joyce Muniz and managed to establish 5 Beatport Top 10 Scores.

XLR8R: “SHIR KHAN is one of Berlin’s hardest working and most entertaining DJs in any of the dozen genres he plays in.”

PITCHFORKMEDIA: “It’s like everything good that’s happening in dance culture right this second.”

“Musical hybrids are truly the flavour of today, but few have managed to capture the atmosphere of an unpredictable, mashed up DJ set on CD – until now. Shir Khan’s mix bottles the zeitgeist’s giddy thrills with plenty of style and substance.” (DJ-Mag)

“With tracks by Adam Sky, Siriusmo and a whole host of other genius artists, into the Exploited melting pot go snake charmers and African tribesmen along with a strong dose of all things electro. Deliciously disjointed, this album proceeds to confuse and amaze, seamlessly cycling through jazz saxophones and bangra, never stopping the addictive beats and basslines. Get ready to feel used to enjoy exploitation.” (Clash)

“Electro, eastern beats and quirky grooves both mixed and DJ-friendly. In fact, it’s the only thing you need to bring to your next BBQ Dj gig, even if it’s only really your turn to bring the charcoal. Sizzling!” (Mixmag)

“Engaging, riveting and diverse – it’s a compilation Shir Khan can definetly be proud of.” (Datatransmission)

“Shir Khan must be applauded, for both his ear, his vision and dexterity.” (Altsounds)

“Designed to be a microcosm of a night out.” (4or the Record)

“EXPLOITED is constantly mutating, reverberating with a thousand ideas per minute. You will hear: dense, fast-flowing electro-tinged hiphop, distorted, overdriven P-Funk-esque basslines, spaced-out spangly synths, what sounds like a ravey ‘Air on a G String’ and a funked-up take on Soho’s late 80s pop hit ‘Hippychick’. Not to mention lascivious sluttery meets Thai wailing, minimal, old-skool ravey techno, Mr Skruff-style trouser jazz, gruff ragga chat, wobbly monster basslines, tabla-and-flute excursions. Wildly eclectic and joyously funky, it will reassure you that, thank God, not everything’s gone Pete Tong.” (Bearded Magazine)

“Es ist doch beruhigend, dass es auch von Berlin aus möglich scheint, im internationalen Urban-Freestyle-Alarm eine der lauteren Sirenen zu werden.” (De-bug)

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