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Our latest show will broadcast tonight on Kiss FM Australia ft Diffraction (Iono Music)!

One of our all-time favourites joins us once again at RF HQ (Kiss FM AUS), Chris Larsen AKA Diffraction. Listen in as we catch up with Chris about his journey thus far!


***Heads up***

Extremely awesome music heading your way!


Tune in tonight via for more details suss out Show starts at 11:30 PM (1:30 GMT for overseas listeners) till 1 AM. Upload to Soundcloud & Mixcloud will soon follow after the broadcast.


Diffraction Bio:

Diffraction, a nationally recognized artist based in Victoria, Australia representing Iono Music is a progressive psytrance artist that came onto the scene in early 2014, yet music has always been a passion and a big part of his life since the beginning. Having grown up in regional bushland areas of Australia, Diffraction used the world around him as inspiration for his music and other creative avenues. 


Having played around Australia for some of the biggest psytrance events around the nation his music is easily recognized by fans and party-goers alike. A few of these events include Earthcore Festival, Esoteric Festival and Tanglewood Festival.


Being deeply immersed in electronic music as a child and being inspired by artist’s such as Egorythmia, Vibrasphere, Protonica and Space Hypnose amongst many others has allowed Diffraction to see the growth and change within the Australian electronic psytrance genre to create an atmospheric, distinctive, zealous style of music that can easily be recognised due to the deep, hypnotic, hard-driving sound. Diffraction wants to lead you on a personal journey through his music whilst you forget he’s even there.


“You’ll get lost in the atmosphere, but the drop will rip you back to Earth.”


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