cash / guest mix / contact radio / friday 9am

this week we have local don and lovely bloke cash contributing a guest mix for contact

cash is a dj who’s prepared to push boundaries and meld genres. I was recently super impressed with his mix for manifestation (check it on soundcloud), where he explored everything from left-field dub cuts through to breakbeat experiments. his selections are inevitably deep and tasteful – and he has a knack for finding music that fits together in ways you wouldn’t expect.

here’s what he had to say about this set he was kind enough to record for contact:
“I have put some deeper styles together for Contact Radio in these locked down times. Really appreciate being asked to do this and having music to focus on. Big shout out to my new record Pink Elln – Moscas Muertas, this mix features 2 of it’s tracks.”

you can hear the guest mix 9 am Friday on Kiss.

here’s contact radio’s show page:

Contact Radio

you can find cash’s soundcloud here:


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