• Sunday 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Hosted by: Sharm Pillay

  • Deep House
  • House
  • Leftfield House
  • Melodic House & Techno
  • Melodic Techno
  • Minimal
  • Progressive
  • Tech House
  • Techno
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Hello Beautiful Hearts



Welcome to SEKSiCuLLTURE. A Conscious Dance Culture.



We’re about Higher Vibrations: Techno as in Music, Views, Reviews and Interviews with DJ’s, Blogs and stories of a true kind.



Curious about the SEKSiCuLLTURE NEXT LEVEL show?



We’re about the music. Every session is Divinely intended to raise our personal vibration and that of the planet. Personal only if you’re into this kind of thing;-). No pressure.



It’s no secret that music is a timeless Universal Language, Love the Universal Healer and Light the Universe itself in action. Drop techno in the mix and you’ve a magical formula that would have Nikola Tesla wishing he’s attending a SEKSiCuLLTURE throw down.



Techno though.



“Techno is a game changer. Techno is the melody, the timing, the pulse of our soul.” Sharm



Techno Awakens Hearts. Its vibration, its frequency, its energy silently seeps into the cracks of our DNA. It touches us in places we’ve but only forgotten. It breaks open hearts, stretches minds to it’s next level capacity and exposes us to our soul. Techno is a frequency channeled from 5D.




You can’t touch it really.
It’s a heart based thing….a.ka.our INT-ui-TION.
This stuff here we speak about is the very Spirit and Foundation of SEKS-iCu-LLTURE.
First you sense it. Then you feel it.
So. Listen with your heart.

Are you ready to raise our planet’s vibrations with us? Join us here if the mood takes you there.



In the meantime, we’re just gonna be here raising vibrations ONE frequency at a time. Much love for your support. Travel your journey with Love & Light.


Sharm Pillay – DJ | Starseed | Scribe | Techno Loverrrrr
Sharm Pillay DJ Page



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GUEST DJ’s keen to drop a set on our show? Send us a link to your demo and short bio on your DJ journey. We’d love to hear your creations and story.