Perspective After Dark

  • Thursday 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Hosted by: Oscar and Julien

  • Psy-Trance
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Introducing “Perspective After Dark” your late night radio show taking you on a journey through the wonders of everything PsyTrance within the raving community around the world. Perspective will be detailing throughout their show all the latest and our favorite intentional and local artists. Broadcasting live every Thursday night on KissFM, Oscar and Julien will be featuring fan favorite tracks and upcoming artists that are pumping out the hottest underground tracks! Tune into Kiss FM every Thursday night between 8:30 and 10 PM to go on this journey with us to discover new Psy-Trance events, Musicians and everything Doof culture! We’ll be getting down to business having chats about some of the mysteries of this universe and providing a positive platform to spread love and awareness within the community. The show will be flying listeners across the world each week by letting them discover how the genre has evolved within different cultures and countries over time.


Favorite tracks collected will be heard in a special monthly episode where Perspective will be performing a mix of the best tunes to get your weekend started. After Dark was designed to promote a platform made both for the awareness and expansion of the genre while also emphasising self-expression and creativity across the community. Provided with the opportunity, featured guests will regularly come onto the radio show to share their thoughts and wisdom on the scene. Be prepared for your Thursday night show full of themes and tributes as we embark on a journey to bridge our love and understanding of Psy-Trance with the people of Australia. Tune on in with Oscar and Julien every Thursday night on KissFM 87.6 & 87.8 to get your weekly psychedelic fix of everything to get you moving and grooving!


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