Natural Selection 27/10/2020

October 27, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Kamaal Wiliams Big Brick/Save Me Wu Hen 12:30pm
Teleseen Transfer Exposures ep
Jank All Be Free
Norachi Nurture
Freddie Gibbs Scottie Beam ft Rick Ross Alfredo
Thomas Stieler room 388 1pm
Fallout The Morning after
Fumiya Tanaka If So Remember
Honey Dijon Blue Sky
Red Axes Dehli Little Prince
Michelle Mininni Fortuna (Prins Thomas Rmx)
Dj Marky Dj Patife Esom Ft Fernanda porto So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce 1.30pm
Alex Reece Street Player
Phoojun Rainbow
Joy Orbison Knock Knock
Total Science ft Riya Redlines breaks remix 2pm
Source Direct Red Lights Crystal house
Goldie Inner City LIfe
Tek 9 Endemic Void Mix
Stranger Vesuvius

Natural Selection

October 20, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Cleo Sol When im in your arms Rose in the Dark 12.30pm
Sault Masterpiece 5
Sault Waterfalls 7
Sault Foot on Necks 5
Sault Tip Toe 7
Sault We Are The Sun 5
Sault Smile And Go 7
MildLife Automatic Automatic 1pm
Plastic Grey Goo New Hands
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange Powers 2 (the People) Sunny Side Up
Barney McAll Aguas Cristilization Mothe of Dreams and Secrets
JK Group Lennie The Young one

Natural Selection 29.09.2020

September 29, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Franck Roger + L'Renee Say My Name
Franck Roger + Mr V Come Back to Me
Franck Roger + Mandel Turner Thru the motions
Tommy Bones Uhuru
Earthtrumental New Blood Ep The hustle
South African All Stars Ung Ohula Intlizi
Franck Roger Harmonica vibe
Franck Roger + M'Sellem No more Believe
Franck Roger Circles 2h
Franck Roger + :Terry: This is now
Franck Roger Freeze
Franck Roger DEEgruvv
Franck Roger Christal
Franck Roger After All (Seuil RMX)
Franck Roger Warriors
Franck Roger ft Chris Wonder You can be the one (Dj Spinna rmx)

Natural Selection 14/09/2020

September 15, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Dreamin Wild Be My Hero 12.30pm
Dj Cam Summer in Paris
Blundetto Good Ol' Days
Gordon Koang Kone Ke Ran
Herve Samb & Daniel Moreno Sol Y Sombra
Quero Sambar Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce
Tony Vale/ Edilda Brasilia Carnival
Common God is Love 1pm
Musiq Soulchild Ridiculous
Tribe Called Quest Get a Hold
Shabazz Palace Shine a light
Erykah Badu Me
Maxwell Cold
Godriguez Comedy Flip
Godriguez Sly RIP
Any Gram Doh! 1.30
Alexny Take Your Time
Soul Mass Transit System Slapcrack
Sunburst Band Everyday
Javonette Say it 2pm
Danny J Lewis Im So 90s
Saison One Day
Sould Out Vamos Baby
Evil Smarty The Groove to make you dance
Cody Currie Para Ti (CC Rework)


September 7, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Kendrick Lamar Alright 12.30pm
Return of the B girl Whats My Name
Obscure Disorder Maitain the Focus
Quasimoto Microphone Mathematics
Yah Supreme Old & Wise
Doctor L Life of fortune & fame
Mission: Contagious LP Mix (inst.)
Jamal-Ski Piece of reality
The Politik Money (Instr) GOYA MUSIC SPECIAL 1.00
Blakai ft Roseanna Calle
Domu Not In Common
DKD Future Rage
Da one away Trash Da Junk
Colonel Red Sanctify
Midtgaard Sommerfugl 1.30
Seven Slow Percussions
Aihki Samarkand
Coyoti Single Handed
The Reflex ILLBRND 2020
Sartorial Addicted To You
Castle Queenside You've Always Been
Sartorial Little Love
Cheval Saturns
Ant Larock Pleasure

Natural Selection 01.09.2020

August 31, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Unnatural Selection What you do? 12:30pm
JK Group Nutha One
Chicken Wishbone Kiddd
Karate Boogaloo Space Language
Hieronymus Dros Man With the Cobra Cane
Sampology, Sam Stosure, Megan Christensen Only Joy
Ant Larock Pleasure 1pm
Sampology Lovers Carnival
The Brains Pipe Magpie
Francis Inferno Orchistre Meet the Salt Lake City
Grevillr Ghisesh
Big Pressure Rivers 1.30pm
Hektor Monday
Gideon Greene Tick
I.A.O Drangendes Gleiten
Dj Boring Like water
Barney McAll Venus as a boy 2pm
The Yougoslav Attack Mae West
The Rookies Belvedere
Sam Anning Talking Wall
Viaticvm Sangre Sol
Dawn Again Employment Division

Natural Selection 28.07.20

July 28, 2020

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Soul Fuzion I got Rhythm Dopewax 12.05
King Of Tomorrow Let it go Distance 12.11
Blvd. East ft Kaaye Shout (Planetary Lift) (Planetary Lift) Nest Moov 12.16
Prescription Feel the feeling MG Classics 12.22
Glenn Lewis It's not fair White LAbel 12.25 / 12.32
Critical (if you only knew) Wall of Sound MG Classics 12.38
Byron Stingly Sing a Song (Matty's club show) Nervous 12.42
Joe Smooth Promised Land 12.50
Angie Stone I wasn't Kidding (housejams remix) 12.56
Louie Vega Nu LIfe 13.03
System VIII Underground 13.09
KMFH Work 13.14
Soul Vision Don't Stop 13.20
Bruno Ponsata Anything but you 13.25
Kings of Tomorrow Finally ( the string reprise) 13.40
Swing 52 Color of my skin 13.45
Kim English Nite LIfe 13.51
Dawn Again Unrealesed 07.08.20 13.55

Natural Selection Deep House

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Karen Kenny New Love 12.04
Deep Sensation Togetherness 12.10
MIke Huckabee Melodie from the jazz republic 12.14
Lil Louis: Black Magic Freedom 12.19
Butterea Records The House 12.25
Classic Man Where is the Sample 12.34
Mutabanka Dis Poem 12.39
Point G Dim (Cinthie rmx) 12.44
Head Nodding Society H.N.S 12,49
Julien Jabre Swimming Places 12.53
Chris Coco & Camillo Mirana Dinasoure Baby 13.02
Osunlade Groove 13.09
Abacuse Erotic Elusion 13.13
Jovon Be Free 13.16
Leif Circumstances 13.21
Inland Knight Hot Soup 13.21
Frazer Cambell Alexo Kneel 13.34
Blint Instrumental Hold Back 13.39
Esp its you 13.45
Varhat Quatro 13.49
Andres Jazz Dance 13.55
Dj Wild Lost Act

Natural Selection 21.07.20

Artist Track Album Label Notes
SImon Grey Galactica Suit (Domu Rmx) 12.00
Bryan Blaylock Cosmic Shit 12.10
Ammon Contact Clover Honey 12.14
Nightmare on Wax Remixes 12.18
Röyksoop Eple 12.22
J DIlla Won't do 12.26
Hazël ft Drake & Slakah Share
Soul Crates Eloise
Visioneers The World is yours 12.39
3070 Tempered 12.42
Ashanti Call 12.48
Groove Theory Tell me BKNY rmx 12.54
Davina Come over to my place 13.03
Essence Lyrics to the rhythm 13.05
Kenny Dope Make a Livin" 13.10
Brand Nubian Steady Bootleg 13.13
Kojak Habité par 2 mondes 13.16
Peven Everet Gabriel 13.21
Herbert ft Jamie LIdell The Audience
Dj Cam Remixes
Palmskin prod Evolution of the beast
Prequel Nothing Better
Jill Scott A Long Walk
D'Angelo Me and those dreamin' eyes of mine 13.58

Natural Selection Soleil

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Salomé de Bahia Outro Lugar 12.05
Martin Solveig Linda 12.11
Dj Yass + Queen Omega You rule the world 12.18
Salomé de Bahia Ronda de Mundo
Aroop Roy Brinlantinha
The African Brothers Wope Me aka
Sarabi Fire Highlife Kenya
Lantei Lamptey Fish & Fungee
Kohesive Summa Ganni 12.53
Aficanism Bisou Sucre 13.02
Tornado Wallace Zorn Cotes 13.07
Pasteur Lappe Sekelimania (jabru Edit Over dud) 13.12
Tomboy Samba! 13.17
Bongo Dub Massif Minikaule 13.22
Mike Delgado Phunk Carnival 13.26
Francis Bebey IL N'y a Pasde Crocodile Cocody 13.35
Dj Victor Uwaivo Ohule 13.38
SMWA Williams Abodju Logun Abodju Logun
Fela Kuti Teacher dont tell me nonsense 13.44
Deke Tom Dolyard Beant 13.53
Bosq ft Poly Rythmo Uptown Malin Kpono