Double Pass to see May Contain Traces of Reading | Mon 27 May | The Butterfly Club

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May Contain Traces of Reading

Stand Up Comedy Show @ The Butterfly Club, Monday 27th May, 2019

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It’s stand-up comedy. Without a single spoken word.

In his quest to create the silliest show possible, comedian Mitchell E Roberts introduces you to his alter ego, Robert Mitchell. Robert is a man bound by his circumstances (as ridiculous as they are silly) to never speak; but that’s not going to get between him and his comedic dreams.

He will take you on a journey through the perils and perks of his life, using a combination of physical comedy, dad jokes of questionable hilarity, and the crossroads of the absurd and the dead serious. All without speaking a single word.
Taking the words right out of his own mouth, May Contain Traces of Reading will be definitely be comedy like you’ve never heard it before!

★★★★★ “an hour down the rabbit hole of non-stop laughs” – What Did She Think

★★★★ “words cannot really express fully this unique comedic experience” – Pop Culture-y

“Mitchell relished in the show’s inherent silliness” – Hugging Comedians

“Hands down one of the most fun things I’ve printed in ages!” – Grant, Print City

Produced by Mitchell E Roberts

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