3Fold Radio | Niko Schwind [GER] | 9pm Sat 07-Apr

Will be a party in the studio this coming Saturday with touring German DJ & Producer Niko Schwind popping in for a 3Fold Radio guest mix. Amidst a weekend of gigs and coming off blazing sets at both Rancho Relaxo and the 200th edition of Breakfast Club, it will be interesting to see what Niko has in store for us. Tune in Saturday from 9pm. Read Niko’s bio below.

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Niko Schwind

31-year old NIKO SCHWIND was born in Trier – birthplace of Karl Marx – and he very quickly discovered his own personal “capital”: his love for music and his passion to sound. It was in 2001 when he first became the chance to express these true feelings in public for what should be the red line holding his biography together: to invite the people on the dancefloor on a journey, to tell them a story with his music.

The young and passionate DJ quickly makes a name for himself in and around his hometown. People spread the word of his enthusiastic DJ sets, of his charismatic appearance, of his skill to transfer the energy of his mixture of house and techno onto the dancefloor, to create a connection between the DJ and the crowd.

On Stil vor Talent, NIKO SCHWIND now presents the fruit of his labour in the from of his third album: ‘Grippin’ World’ captivates the listeners with its versatility and coherence, and kidnaps them to a world of sound, made up of elegantly reduced grooves, organic arrangements and accessible vocal-melodies. “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – on ‘Gripping World’, NIKO SCHWIND clearly emphasises that music is the emotional extension of the heart.


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