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3Fold Radio
9:00pm Saturday 31 December 2016

And so it ends. After Saturday night, 2016 will be done and dusted. Revel in its closing hours with a mix from HansDC. A newcomer to the show but a living legend of Melbourne, this mix is guaranteed to be PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!! Be sure to tune in from 9pm this Saturday. Don’t forget to check out Hans’ bio below…

Also bye George Michael. Much love and thank you for the music xoxo

3Fold Radio, Kiss FM’s premier underground electronic music show, is your soundtrack to Saturday night.

Keep Calm,
Keep Listening,
Keep Kiss.

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Hailing originally from Malaysia, HansDC learnt his craft later in life as he only discovered electronic dance music when he moved to Melbourne. One night in 1994, Hans went to his first warehouse party, amazed like many who first witness what a DJ can do to a crowd and how they manipulated the vibe of a thousand dancing punters, he fell in love with techno.

In 2002, HansDC along with two other DJs and an MC formed one of Melbourne’s most infamous party crews running a free monthly beats and breaks party, Beats Working. Hans and his crew managed to hold 96 parties in 5 years, even running an ‘official’ renegade at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Forward to today and HansDC has come full circle. A full-time DJ working behind the decks in-excess of 20+ hours a week, he has 3 weekly residencies, a couple of monthly ones and guests at a handful more. He has also been privileged to be part of RSF for the last 11 years. Not to mention all the parties with massive list of internationals that he has supported over the years.

Hans has done his time playing at some of the worst and some of the best parties for more than a decade. But his dedication to the music, attention to detail and eagerness to make the crowd move has gained him the reputation of being one of Melbourne’s most consistent and versatile DJ’s, regardless of the situation. Whether its 10 people or 10,000 people, Hans is sure to make them move.

In the last few years, Hans has also been playing under a different moniker. Blessed to be the left hand man of the mighty Operatives Crew, The Phantom Sun explores the bass, glitch and ambient genres of the electronic music world. His live mixes as The Phantom Sun have gained him much accolade with locals and has inspired the need to expand his horizons even more. The Phantom Sun debuted in the chill stage at RSF 2012 with an emotionally epic set to a full floor.


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