3Fold Radio : Miza : 9pm Sat 21-May

3Fold Radio
9:00pm Saturday 21st May 2016

Gracing us with his superstar presence this Saturday is major show favourite Miza! He is ducking in for a mix before rushing to the oddly titled Proteus Porpeus for party good times. Be sure to tune in from 9pm as I can pretty much guarantee it will be a cracker show, as it is every time Miza guest mixes. Read his bio below.


3Fold Radio, Kiss FM’s premier underground electronic music show, is your soundtrack to Saturday night…

Keep Calm,
Keep Listening,
Keep Kiss.

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Tinkering on the edge of nonsense, obtaining rare and undiscovered minerals and all while enjoying the plane food on the way. This is Miza and he enjoys playing sounds that are often pleasing for the auricle.

Exploring and just being generally lost in the wilderness since 1987, he was recently rescued and hidden in a dark room by the Rework crew. On rare occasions he is allowed to make contact with fellow journeyman through deep vibrations, techy frequencies and some form of abstract language that to tell you the truth, we don’t think he even understands. So come enjoy sounds.


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