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  • Acid Safari
    A permanent DJ fixture on Melbourne’s most notorious clubs, blurring the lines between house and techno, between continents, between normality and reality. Always pushing the boundaries musically and totally ‘in the moment’ yet telling a […]
  • “Datsuzoku” is one of the DJ aliases of Steve David who hails from Indore, India. Steve started his journey as a deejay in late 2012’s in India and few years became one of the founding […]
  • HYBE
  • HYBE (Karan)
    Melbourne-based deep and tech house DJ Karan aka HYBE is the new co-host of the Weekend Chug Show on Kiss FM, airing from 12 to 1:30 pm every Saturday on 87.8FM. […]
  • Shows: Akwaaba
  • Mickey Space
      Blasting his way from steampunk hyperspace, Mickey Space is the finest purveyor of all that is funky and quirky. He dresses to impress and moves to groove, guaranteed to get your butt shaking and […]
  • Mike Clark
    Mike heads up the LEKTRK collective, and is known for his live streams and love of all things Techno. Mike brings recent techno and prog releases to his show, giving you a first listen to […]
  • Mount Mike is Producer & DJ who hails from Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Never wavering in his mission to push song and dance beyond the conventions of genre, Mike’s taste is […]
  • Shows: The Juice
  • Shows: Danceteria
  • SimonB
    Simon has had music in his blood since the day he was born. He started playing piano at aged 5 before switching to the guitar. Developing a love for heavy metal music, he quickly learnt […]
  • Small Mouth
    Small Mouth Small Mouth (Tyler Mitchell) is an American born, Melbourne based artist, DJ and radio host for Beat Therapy, joining the show in January 2021.    Small Mouth has always been tied to music […]
  • Shows: HouseWerks
  • Timmy Byrne
    Timmy Byrne has over 30 years DJ experience. From his early days as resident DJ at seminal Melbourne club The Underground to residencies at Redhead, Saratoga and numerous other clubs and festivals including The Big […]
  • Shows: OPENDECK