POLPETTE | GUESTMIX | 06/08/2015 | Brain Food

Polpette – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 6th of August

Polpette, or “Paul Pet” if you prefer the English version, has anything to do with food (polpette means meat ball in Italian).  Their music is pretty far away from a simple succession of repetitive beats that we are used to. A fresh underground soul will make you explore dance music in a new way, based on sweet and happy melodies, yet distorted but beautifully melancholic at the same time. The result is a beat geometrically but perfectly disconnected in the refrain that leads you into a new world of sensations tripping your mind.  Polpette have prepared an exclusive live set for Brain Food that contains new unheard tracks!  If all this talk about food is making you hungry, tune in tonight to get your fill.


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