adirtymind | Special Guest Mix | 3pm Friday 16 August

adirtymind | Special Guest Mix | 3-4pm | Friday 16 August 2019

adirtymind (A Dirty Mind) draws heavy, prevalent moods with a signature arrangements to whatever genre he dabbles in, sidewinding productions throughout California to small private parties showcasing his evolving tastes for electronic dance music.

Also functioning under several other aliases (L.1.E, adirtymind, Chapter Mind, m a n_n a n o), he procures counter-genre aesthetics to his DJ game, releasing on the labels Crackling Claps, Obssessive Music, System UK Digital and Dark Shadow UK (now discoverable on Spotify, Amazon, Beatport & iTunes).

Always the collaborative spirit, he is currently seeking fellow producers and lyricists and/or vocalists to layer a heavy blanket of “dusk love to deadgransomnia” 😉



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