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KISS FM listeners know & love Philosphia Sin, weekly co-host of The Vultures of Culture Show – midday til 2pm every Thursday.

Last Friday Philosophia was involved in a terrible accident many of you will have seen on the news [The Age Article].

Philosophia is an outstanding contributor, a supreme Host & Interviewer and her prowess, pre-organisational skills and musical taste – and hunger for sharing and exposing this amazing Melbourne scene and other artists within – has seen Philosophia secure one of the only 2 hour slots on the weekly KISS grid. An MCG full of crew [not including other people in the car, bedroom, office, kitchen, building site, or on the picnic rug] listen in to her show  Vultures of Culture with Miss Gabrielle each week.

Her life was turned upside down last friday – fuck she is one BRAVE lady. What she faced in saving her life is utterly incredible, what she faces now to get back to life – being Philosophia – she is  doing with such optimism and grace. But she needs help – her lover and friends have created a Fundraising Campaign.

Here is the info and place to donate to the Rebirth of Philosophia.


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