The Retro Electro Show

  • Wednesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Hosted by: D-GEN





2-3 pm Wednesday’s

Modern Electronica takes a ride back in time.

The Synthwave community is rather little known from a commercial perspective but consist of a large population of old school producers along with talented young musicians who have come together to celebrate the nostalgia of 80’s and 90’s pop culture.

In amongst this unique resurgence of music there is very heavy influence from video games both old and new, classic movie soundtrack and general pastimes of a lost but not forgotten era.

Tune in for weekly updates on local and foreign releases.

Interviews with artists and label owners.

Presentations focusing on the music of international hotspots particularly regions of United States and Europe.



D-GEN was first recognised as a Jungle & Techno DJ at underground events and raves in the early New Zealand electronica scene during the mid nineties, immediately driving for the breakbeat sound as he designed sets of low profile, hard hitting music evolving into techstep and drum & bass.

Spinning regularly against a deluge of international & local veterans kept his crates current and full of well-developed sets for the years to come.

Now based in Melbourne he remains tight, dynamic & fresh in the mix and is no doubt harbouring a barrage of cutting edge music and tech laden breakbeat grooves to be presented via his involvement in a new, musically minded collective called Balance Electronic.
Hold tight for an exiting blend of deep technical futurism fused with rolling subterranean undertow’s and plenty of  fresh, captivating & experimental music.

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