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May 6, 2014

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May 5, 2014

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Sat 14/04/26 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Guest Mix Adam A.R.T

April 26, 2014

This week on The Hip Replacement Radio show
with great pleasure and much arm twisting i have finally got Dj Adam A.R.T to do a guest mix..
some of you may or may not know this mans skills, but they are only matched for passion for art and his love of the hip-hop beat its self..

Myself & Ad have played many times on the same bill from raves to breaks parties to hip-hop gigs
but always the favorite gig was the regular friday night at Revolver in the late 90’s (we did it for about 3-4 years) when it still closed @ 3am



Sat 14/04/19 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Guest Mix hipomatic dub

This week on The Hip Replacement Radio show

i’ve been looking fwd to playing this mix from Dj Miles Jackson for you all…
A man who is a “classic don’t judge a book by its cover” kinda guy…
if you don’t know him, you may think he is a scary dude, but far from it. With a dry twisted wit and always a great story to tell, but that’s just the cover of his “book”

What lies within is a deep love of music .. and with it the skill the find amazing tunes in obscure places.

Many a time have i trainspotted from Miles to understand a sound or a artist he has been playing..
so sit back and get a better understanding of a talented Dub music master at work..

Some of this weeks featuring artists ..
Numa Crew, Adam Prescott, Tuff & Powa ft Kinetical plus many more..



Sat 14/04/12 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Sweaty Lost Minds Flashback

This week on The Hip Replacement Radio show
With the recent passing of Frankie Knuckles who was the master of the extended house mix..
It made us think, here at Hip Replacement Radio.. its been a long time since we played some of those mega long extended house cuts that are almost trance like, but in a house groove…

What better way to pay homages to a true dance floor pioneer than to play some of his hypnotic pop remix magic..

Along with some well know & not so well know repetitive groove style form 25 years ago when small house clubs ruled the underground & sweaty lost minds nodded around the dance floor.

Close your eyes and get into the groove from NY to Chicago to Ibiza to London…

Some of this weeks featuring artists ..
Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles, Sueño Latino, 33 & 1/3 Queen,
DV8 & Code 6.. plus many more..



Sat 14/03/29 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Guest Mix jungle style

This week on The Hip Replacement Radio show

we still got guest mixes coming out our wazzoo …
that don’t me the standard is low, if anything its getting higher..
and this week is some sexy old skool D&B beats from a man who is keeping the the fire burning with his production’s & dj skills
DJ Jules aka TimeTravel… and the leading light at the Re-Drum parties..

its smooth groov’n but this is no lay-back affair so get ya booty on the floor..
Some of this weeks featuring artists .. you will here from our guest Mix
Alex Reese, Roni Size, Aphrodite, Omni Trio, Dj Die

so lets flashback to 1996..



Sat 14/03/22 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Its A Trap, Beat?

his week on The Hip Replacement Radio show 

Its guest mix time

we have a cracking mix fro Dj Nemo

this an’t no new kid on the block .. this is the real deal old skool Dj
He has toured & supported the like of Kylie Minogue, Dread Affair, UB40, Renee Geyer and so many more we have lost count.
he was for many years the host the Australian and Victorian DMC Technics World Deejay Championships.

his love of music know no boundaries in the world of reggae, jazz, soul, disco, funk, alt rock and punk music.. but these days, he mixes deep tech house with a soulful and futuristic edge but still bigs up Hip Hop and Reggae.

but for us he has done something a little different, Trap Reggae

Some of this weeks featuring artists.
Rudimental, Tom Piper & DJ@War, T-Rek, Kay Bee,
Kid Sister, Romain Virgo, John Holt, Bob Marley..




Sat 14/03/15 – Hip-Replacement Radio Show – Extra Sweet Porn Beats & Lounge Grooves

This week on The Hip Replacement Radio show

I don’t know about you but it feels like summer is slipping away.
so lets make the most of the last rays of summer and do some pool side lounging ..!!

its going to be a bit dreamy, sleazy, silly, so come and dive in, splash around, get wet & blow some bubbles..
its a afternoon of extra sweet porn beats & lounge grooves.

Some of this weeks featuring artists ..
Wiseguy, Thievery Corporation, Beastie Boys, Nightmares on Wax,
Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, John Lee Hooker plus many more..!!


Hip Replacement Radio show (Kiss FM Australia)
3pm-4.30pm (AEST)
presented by Brewster B



April 23, 2014