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Listen on FM Radio if in Melbourne, Australia :  87.6 and 87.8 FM

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Mac bera4810ic Get Vox
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T-Hub download (1) On the T-Hub home page:Select internet radio
Select genres
Select dance
Then make KISS your favourite
Blackberry images (5) 1. Visit Download the software appropriate to your Blackberry device or go to “Blackberry App World” from the handset, search for “TuneIn Radio” and install.2. Search for “Kiss FM Nocturnal” in TuneIn Radio3. Hit menu and save Kiss Fm as a preset


Kiss FM is available via satellite across Australia & New Zealand.

This is a free to air service receivable using a dish aligned to the Optus D2 satellite.

Satellite Reception Details:

Satellite: Optus D2

Direction: 152 Deg. East

Frequency: 12581 GHz

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 22500

FEC: 3/4


  • The Kiss aacPlus stream is 64kbps Stereo which consumes 28-29mb per hour.
  • The Kiss mp3 stream is 48kbps Mono which consumes just over 21mb per hour.